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Be part of our innovation process, share your experience and shape the future!

Did you ever think the products or services you are using could be better? Would you like to be the first to try out innovative solutions? Or do you wonder how usability testing works? Then take your chance now. Participate in our research projects and use your voice to find the best solutions for your community.

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What is it About?

To serve the information needs of the scientific community, clinicians, and patients we are constantly looking for new opportunities. Our goal is to better understand your mission, your purpose, and your needs. By sharing your opinions, you become the voice of your community and help us develop products or services that inspire.

Our team is a mix of experts working in different fields. Our research goal is to understand your perspective and implement it in the company’s future actions. There are different options how to participate. Depending on the subject, we offer one-on-one interviews, focus groups, surveys, and testing of new products.


Why Should You Join?

In addition to participating in future products and being at the frontline of our innovations, you will also benefit yourself. In some projects, like focus groups, you can exchange your experiences with others, learn from peers and connect with your community.
If possible, we will share the results with the participants, so you can get valuable insight into the field. Finally, as a reimbursement for your effort, we sometimes offer vouchers, special discounts on products or services, or direct payment.

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What Research Activities Do We Offer?


An informal one-on-one conversation about your work and publishing. Interviews are virtual, you can choose between audio or video option, and data from the interview is anonymized for the analysis. You can share your opinions and ideas, and explore with us some topics from a different angle.

Online Surveys

Our surveys are usually short and specific, you will only be invited to participate in surveys that fit your job profile. Occasionally we might offer exclusive insight into aggregated survey results,or organize a raffle.

Focus Groups

You might get invited to participate in guided discussions with a small group of other experts, exchanging your experiences and views about a specific issue.

Usability Testings

Our usability tests can come in different forms - either moderated, unguided, remote or sometimes also on-site. We use a variety of tools and conduct tests on new digital products. We are always happy to invite you via e-mail to participate. We count on your input and feedback to help us optimize our products.

Early Adopter Product Testing

Be the first to test our new digital products in early development. In close exchange with our research team, you will be directly involved in deciding on future offerings and have an influence on the further development of exciting projects in Health Sciences.

Our Current Projects

There are no current projects at the moment.

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How will my data be used?

All collected data will be used internally, only for research purposes. We will not share your data with other companies or vendors. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

What are the reimbursement possibilities?

Reimbursement will be different for every project, depending on the project subject, duration and requirements. In case of financial reimbursement, there is a possibility for a cash transfer on your bank account, PayPal account, or Amazon voucher. Some projects will offer other reimbursement modalities, like free access or discounts on products or services.

How do I cancel my registration?

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