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Hero Patients

Patients and Their Supporters

Reliable and easy to understand medical knowledge for patients and their supporters.

Empower Your Health Journey. No Degree Required.

Benefit from straightforward and reliable medical knowledge that can aid you in your healthcare decisions. Regardless your questions or concerns, use these resources to guide your interactions with healthcare professionals and discover advice for a healthier lifestyle.

No need for consulting unreliable sources or deciphering medical jargon – fast forward to the latest trustworthy medical research recommended by healthcare professionals.

Whatever your needs and preferences, our services are presented in various formats. Whether visual, audio, written – our resources accommodate your individual approach to expanding your knowledge. Choose your favorite format and learn about healthcare topics at your own pace.


Your Resources


The Waiting Room

Whether you are living with a certain disease or generally interested in medical research and healthcare, The Waiting Room is a trustworthy resource of medical knowledge.

Embarrassing Problems

Worrying health problems are sometimes difficult to talk about. In this blog, we offer information that helps you be more comfortable in tackling the problem.

Fast Facts Handbook Series

Written by healthcare professionals, each title of this book series explains a condition, its diagnosis and possible treatments.

Infographic Summary Sheets

Leverage concise 2-page infographics on specific conditions.


Listen to our featured experts – patients and healthcare professionals – talking about particular diseases, treatments, and the latest developments in research.

E-Learning Courses

Building on the principles and success of the ever-popular Fast Facts handbook series, Karger now offers Fast Facts e-learning courses for clinicians. Test your knowledge and earn CME points with our bite-sized interactive programs.




  • Portriat Bob Perry
    Professional support in raising awareness and educating
    Karger approached me to do a video interview about living with Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia and my role as a Patient Support Manager at the WMUK.
    The collaboration was very professional, with excellent communication and planning beforehand that helped me to feel well prepared for the interview. I am very pleased with the end result and we received positive feedback.
    This video contributes to our goals to raise awareness of the condition and to educate people who have been diagnosed with it. It gives people an opportunity to learn from somebody who lives with the condition and knows what to expect, and I would definitely recommend this kind of collaboration to others.

    Bob Perry, Patient Support Manager, Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia UK (WMUK)


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