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Publication Services

Check out our pre- and post-publication services for authors.

Pre-Publication Services

Several experienced companies provide professional language editing services to authors around the globe. Authors may wish to use such services to improve a paper's English and, therefore, its overall quality. This assistance is suggested either before an article is submitted for peer review or before it is accepted for publication.

External editing services provide expert editors in a wide variety of fields. They will check an author's manuscripts not only for terminology and language specific to the author's field of expertise but also for proper English usage, grammar, punctuation, spelling, verb tense, and phrasing. In addition, professional editors make sure the text sounds natural and that sentences are well constructed.

Logo Enago

Enago - Pre-Submission Editing Services

Karger has collaboration with Enago, world-leading provider of author services to offer language-editing service for manuscripts, abstracts and thesis. Karger authors can choose from a range of editing services and get their manuscripts edited by Enago’s professional native-English medical editors.
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Paperpal Preflight - Smart Path to Submission Readiness

Karger partnered with Paperpal to offer you automated AI proofreading service. Paperflight suggests language improvements by checking your text for language correctness against millions of published papers.

Post-Publication Services

Kachel RPI Services

Research Publication Services by RPI

From consultation to global promotion Research Publishing International (RPI), a science communication agency and part of the Karger portfolio, provides an end-to-end communication service to the scientific community, making your scientific research accessible to all.
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