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Cater to your communities hungry for knowledge.

Pick and Choose Your Flavor of Content

Create a menu with digestible information and the right servings for the right audience. Make it bite-size rather than "one-size-fits-all". In today’s digital world, busy healthcare professionals and their patients have different preferences for information access and individual learning patterns. Tapping into an omni-channel strategy paired with an omni-format approach is key to reaching your target audience - whether physicians, specialists, nurses, or patients.

Karger provides services to support you and your stakeholders along the cycle of knowledge in health sciences. Combining scientific publishing and medical communications under one roof, our solutions are tailored to each customer’s needs. We identify the scientific subjects of interest to your audience, add a layer of simple and plain language, and drive an engagement strategy to present the target audience with the right content in different formats and channels.

Ask us how we can help you drive engagement.


Turning Research into Action

Research does not end in the laboratory, nor with the publication of a research paper: It aspires to reach everyone who is hungry for scientific knowledge. Clinicians, HCPs, patients or caregivers want to better understand, explain and make health decisions and be heard. Connecting them with science requires therefore an engaging journey able to turn research into information, and information into action. Karger’s Engagement Strategy starts with your specialization in a specific research area and disseminates it with the power of language and images, innovative content formats, targeted awareness campaigns, powerful advocacy collaborations and attractive options to connect people with science.

Engagement Strategy

Products & Services

Find out how our smart solutions support scientific, clinical and commercial stakeholders in the health sciences. Have a look at how we can help with communicating your research, connecting with your communities, and providing information about your brand, solutions and products.


Connect with Your Communities

Promote your medical, technical and pharmaceutical products, and services – in print and online – and reach out to healthcare professionals and patients: reprints & licenses, translations, advertising, patient pictures, infographics & visuals.

Educate Your Communities

Benefit from a broad offering of interactive formats such as customized e-learnings and tests based on your content with webinars & workshops, courses, videos, animations, podcasts, and more.

Publish Your Content

Publish scientific papers, conference proceedings, and abstracts. Target your content to researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and/or other communities via scientific books, medical handbook series Fast Facts, supplement issues, publishing vouchers.

Sponsor Scientific Content

Sponsor a collection of any Karger publications for key opinion leaders, e.g. for participants at conferences: with sponsored online access, or local editions.

Access Karger Content

Obtain any Karger publication and benefit from attractive conditions: Subscriptions, collections for Health Sciences, bulk purchases, data services.


  • Portrait Illustration
    As a license manager at a leading global medicines company, I negotiate the licenses for the Karger e-journals and e-books. Karger provides content relevant to our associates, and our statistics show that the content is well-used. I highly recommend working with Karger, particularly because of their professionalism and friendly, personal relationships with their business partners.

    License manager at a leading global medicines company

  • Logo Content_Ed_Net
    For over 10 years, Content Ed Net has worked with Karger throughout the world. This relationship has been and continues to be mutually beneficial for Karger, our clients, and us!
    We use commercial reprints, support our clients in publishing articles in Karger’s journals, and purchase permission to reuse content (figures, images, tables, etc.).
    Our pharmaceutical clients need the best, most relevant information to support their activities. Karger journals are valued by our clients as a clinically important, peer-reviewed information resource, critical for their outreach to healthcare professionals.

    David Evans, PhD, VP Digital Operations, Content Ed Net

  • Portriat Paula Briggs
    Open to developing new ideas
    Karger helped us develop a patient information booklet on menopause and an eLearning package for general practitioners, “Managing the Menopause in Primary Care”, which is a helpful quick-update resource about menopause management. The development of the resource was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Theramex, and the materials are available through various outlets (Karger Courses, Theramex menopause hub, Amazon).
    We had a very supportive working relationship with the Karger team. They were responsive, accessible, and open to developing new ideas. The help of a medical writer made it a lot easier for me to write an understandable patient information booklet, as I am used to writing information for other medical professionals. The Karger team also hosted interactions with the patient focus group who provided their advice. I am particularly satisfied with the layout of the booklet and the tear-off pages. This format provides the right information to women in a way that is useful and that they enjoy.

    Dr. Paula Briggs, Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, Chair of the British Menopause Society


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