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Medical Discoveries: Condensed and Concise

Karger offers round-the-clock access to peer-reviewed medical research through a unique blend of tailored content, education, and custom consulting. No matter if you are a scientist conducting research in your field, someone working for an academic institution, a healthcare professional who wants to stay up-to-date, or maybe someone who is looking for science-based findings for a disease to supplement their current understanding – our mission is to serve your information needs.

Categorized into 25 subject areas, you can browse through content on more than 200 medical specialities with an ever-increasing number of Open Access journals.

Because scientific journals are often intended for a limited audience, we make research and learning an accessible feat for all healthcare professionals and patients with various free-to-access channels like our e-learning courses and podcast series. These formats for consuming information can also serve as a source of support for organizations that engage with everyone in the medical community.


Our Portfolio


Subject Areas

25 subject ares covering 200 medical specialities in order to serve the information needs of the scientific community, clinicians, and patients.


Find your topic in one of the more than 100 journals with more than one third are Open Access.


Our program covers all disciplines of human medicine and related sciences.


No matter if it is a journal article, book chapter or a review paper we have selected the best across our publishing programm.


Tailormade for you, reviewed by experts - our lessons are carefully crafted to urse material is carefully crafted to provide you with newest, most reliable knowledge.


Content packages with virtually unlimited options to combine and select according to individual budgets and fields of interest.


Benefit from the latest knowledge from our experts and their in-depth assessment of developments in various disciplines.



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    For over 10 years, Content Ed Net has worked with Karger throughout the world. This relationship has been and continues to be mutually beneficial for Karger, our clients, and us!
    We use commercial reprints, support our clients in publishing articles in Karger’s journals, and purchase permission to reuse content (figures, images, tables, etc.).
    Our pharmaceutical clients need the best, most relevant information to support their activities. Karger journals are valued by our clients as a clinically important, peer-reviewed information resource, critical for their outreach to healthcare professionals.

    David Evans, PhD, VP Digital Operations, Content Ed Net


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