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Presenting Knowledge

We support our customers to articulate science to non-scientific audiences in various formats through various channels.

Complex Science Made Simple


Research does not stop in the lab, nor does its impact stop at publication.

Increasingly, institutions, healthcare organizations, and clinical researchers need to connect with broader audiences–students, patients, clinicians and so on–to expand their work's application and reach. Karger is paving the way by making medical research commonly understandable, visible, and presentable.

Unlike traditional publishers, we go the extra mile to help our customers explain and articulate science to non-scientific audiences using a variety of methods.



Healthcare Expertise, Plain and Simple


At Karger, we offer a variety free healthcare resources, written in plain language for both clinicians and their patients, and updated on a regular basis. They include two healthcare blogs, Embarrassing Problems and The Waiting Room, a series of podcasts, free healthcare e-learning courses, webinars, and more.




Disseminate Your Research


Are you an author or researcher stuck in perpetual conversations with the same close-knit scientific stakeholders? Or a leader in a research organization that wants to make your research more visible and reach a larger audience?

Karger can help you reach new heights with its ability to promote clinical and other research to a mainstream audience. We do so via our Research Publication Services by RPI, our science communication agency focused on promoting any type of scientific research across different formats and channels.

Stop limiting your outreach to the same old constituents in your community. Find out how far your research can go.

RPI Services




  • Portrait John Harringtonf
    Enhancing HCP-Patient communication
    Writing a Fast Facts book about asthma for patients and their supporters was a valuable opportunity to develop my skills, as I am used to writing journal articles for clinical audiences. Karger provided me with examples and ideas, and writing was easy with their support. This experience enhanced my communication skills – I learned how to summarize medical information in an easily understandable way and how to develop professional infographics. The more health professionals learn to write such simple and accessible patient information, the better. It takes a bit of skill to do it, but I think it's worth it for clinicians across all specialties to get this experience.

    John Harrington, Respiratory Clinical Nurse Consultant, John Hunter Hospital

  • Logo Content_Ed_Net
    For over 10 years, Content Ed Net has worked with Karger throughout the world. This relationship has been and continues to be mutually beneficial for Karger, our clients, and us!
    We use commercial reprints, support our clients in publishing articles in Karger’s journals, and purchase permission to reuse content (figures, images, tables, etc.).
    Our pharmaceutical clients need the best, most relevant information to support their activities. Karger journals are valued by our clients as a clinically important, peer-reviewed information resource, critical for their outreach to healthcare professionals.

    David Evans, PhD, VP Digital Operations, Content Ed Net

  • Portriat George Marx
    Optimal information balance for professionals and lay audiences
    Karger was the only publisher that truly understood what my message was meant to be, and that made the process enjoyable for me. I felt comfortable and heard, communication was excellent, and the whole process was fair and transparent. A book aimed at both specialists and interested laypeople is a tightrope-walk that is not always easy. This was what made the project exciting, but also difficult. The feedback showed us that we found a way to combine both aspects in one book. We received invitations to speak about this issue in various magazines, to write journal articles and publish podcasts.

    Dr. med. George Marx, Director / Senior physician, Kinderspital Ostschweiz / Triemli Spital


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