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About Partner Publications

Partner Publications are Platinum Open Access journals published in partnership with academic research institutions, societies, government bodies, research funders, companies and organizations in health research. Partner Publications are an integral part of the Karger journal portfolio, following the same quality and ethical standards as all Karger journals.


Benefits for Partners

Partner Publications provide the perfect opportunity to collaborate with an internationally renowned publisher, increasing global visibility and recognition of the organization’s scientific research. Partner Publications serve as a publishing hub that connects and amplifies the work of researchers from one or multiple institutions.

Partner Publications allow Partners to meet a wide spectrum of goals, whether they involve supporting the organization’s young researchers, gaining an international reputation within a specialized field or contributing to global initiatives.

Our Partners benefit from working with a transparent, agile, and reliable publisher experienced in connecting and advancing health science. This in turn can help the organizations expand their own reputation and experience in their specialized areas of knowledge.

Partners work closely with a dedicated Karger Publication Manager and can expect high-quality support as well as consulting and production services.

Typically Partner Publications are indexed in all major A&I databases.

Custom Options

Partners may choose from a menu of concepts specifically designed for their needs. Products and services are tailor-made to support and optimize the experience for researchers and their organizations at every stage of the research cycle.


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Partner Publications

Cover Dubai Medical Journal


Cover Medical Principles and Practice


Cover GE - Portuguese Journal of Gastroenterology



Cover Dubai Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal


Cover Portuguese Journal of Public Health


Saudi Journal of Health Systems Research



Who can apply for a Partner Publication?

Partners may be academic institutions, societies, government bodies such as a Ministry of Health, research funders and other companies and organizations in health research keen to publish their high-quality research output in collaboration with Karger Publishers, fast-tracking their research output to a global audience.

How can an interested Partner apply?

Just contact us at and include a short summary of the concept of the journal and the subject field.

Are Partner Publications indexed?

Partner Publications are typically indexed in all major databases. Karger will support and guide Partners to help them achieve indexing of the journal. Please note that it does take time and certain criteria must be fulfilled before an application for journal indexing can be submitted.

Some requirements:
  • Journal published at regular intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly)
  • A minimum of 25 research articles published
  • Diverse international editorial board of experts

Will the journal have an Impact Factor?

The vast majority of the established Karger journals have an Impact Factor. It takes several years to establish an Impact Factor. As with indexing, Karger guides the journal Editors to help them achieve this goal.

Some requirements:
  • Journal published at regular intervals
  • A minimum of 25 research articles published per year
  • Journal must have been indexed in major bibliographic services for a minimum of three years
  • Published articles must have been cited over at least two years (example: if a journal receives citations in year one, it may qualify to receive its first Impact Factor in year three)

Who owns the Partner Publication journal?

While Karger retains certain rights and the publication will need to adhere to various editorial and ethical policies, the Partner organization has ownership of the journal.

What subject areas may be included?

All subjects across health sciences can be covered in Partner Publications, with up to five focus subject areas.

What types of articles are recommended?

We recommend publishing research articles, review articles, systematic reviews, and case reports. These are also the article types which are required to obtain an Impact Factor.

How will the journal be marketed and promoted?

An individual Marketing Plan is established for each Partner Publication with guidance by one of Karger’s highly qualified marketing specialists.

What should be considered when establishing the Editorial Board?

Partners should appoint an international Editorial Board with a strong network and subject diversity, representing the journal’s different subject areas. Editors and Associate Editors should ideally be established in academia and the health/education sector and should have extensive publishing experience.

How many issues are published per year?

It is important to publish at regular intervals, with at least one issue per quarter.

How can we encourage the submission of manuscripts to the journal?

The Editorial Board is key, as its network is instrumental to connecting and attracting researchers to submit their articles. In addition, Karger’s promotional activities help raise the journal’s profile with the targeted pool of authors. Focus areas or journals in a specific specialty field benefit from attracting specialized authors to submit to the journal. Karger guides Partners in all these areas with the aim of boosting submissions.

What services are provided?

Editorial Office
The Editorial Office of the Partner Publication is based at the Publisher’s headquarters. All correspondence between editors, authors, and reviewers is coordinated by the Editorial Office. All submitted manuscripts undergo the standard peer-review process. Karger provides a professional and user-friendly submission system. Have a look at some of Karger’s many services listed below:

Production Services:
Manuscript template
DOI registration
Graphic optimization: re-labeling, re-drawing, halftone preparation
Layout, proofs, and corrections
XML data production
Article full-text and PDF format production
Compliance with current Open Access policies, mandates, and standards

Publishing Services:
Articles are published and maintained on the Publisher’s website
Distribution of article-level and issue-level metadata and content data to various data partners (including A&I services, content aggregators, long-term archives, and booksellers)
Administration of data partners, data feeds, and agreements
Providing audited COUNTER statistics, SUSHI harvesting
Digital preservation (dark archiving) via Portico

Reporting Services:
Usage statistics
Semantic analysis of the research output (e.g. statistics on medical topics covered)
Acceptance/rejection rate
Time from submission to first decision
Time from acceptance to publication
Statistics on article types
Regional overview origin of submissions

What additional support does Karger provide?

Karger provides guidance by an experienced, dedicated Publication Manager and an editorial and production team. Other Karger specialists contribute to the Partner Publication´s success in various other areas, such as marketing, Open Access, and digital distribution

Karger also provides comprehensive training in the form of workshops and webinars for the Partners researchers, and the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, and Editorial Board.

What are the custom options?

Partners may select additional workshops, webinars, training, and language-editing services for authors and/or staff.

What are the Partners’ responsibilities?

  • Designate an experienced Editor-in-Chief who is well established in the relevant field and is well connected within the scientific community.
  • Define subjects and Aims & Scope for the journal.
  • Form an Editorial Board.
  • Process manuscripts, assign reviewers, give recommendations, and make decisions (mainly EiC or AE if delegated).
  • Promote the journal and connect with potential authors.
  • Create a list/database of potential reviewers.

What is Open Access?

Open Access (OA) articles are permanently, immediately free to read online in a publication, and grant rights to share and reuse. Open Access increases visibility and opportunity for global impact and makes knowledge accessible to more people around the world. Often it is financed through an Article Processing Charge (APC) paid by an author or funding body, which is commonly referred to as Gold Open Access. It can also be funded directly by an organization, without APCs, which is known as Platinum Open Access (see below).

What is Platinum Open Access?

Articles that are Open Access without an APC charged to authors or a fee paid by readers are called Platinum Open Access. Platinum Open Access is usually funded fully or mostly by an organization such as an institution, research funder, or society. One benefit is that all researchers have an increased opportunity to publish their findings, regardless of individual access to funding. Platinum Open Access is also sometimes referred to as Diamond OA.

Do Partner Publications fulfill Open Access mandates?

Some research institutions and funders, including governments, require that publications resulting from research they underwrite must be published Open Access. Karger Partner Publications allow authors to fulfill these requirements, whether this means publishing with a Creative Commons Open Access license or archiving papers in an Open Access or institutional repository. Karger has a dedicated Open Access Manager to ensure compliance with Open Access policies and answer any questions that might arise.

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