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Find all information about our processes, guidelines and courses for reviewers.

In the World of Science, Integrity is Everything

We firmly uphold the values of accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness as the foundation of scientific publishing. The peer review process is therefore extremely crucial, and something we have applied to all our content. To be truly incorruptible, we collaborate closely with the independent researchers and editors of our journals to determine whether a manuscript should be published.

Possessing 100 years of experience developing a bulletproof peer-review process, we aim to cultivate an environment that makes placing your confidence in us the easiest decision you will make in your publishing journey. Read more about how we follow the latest updates, remain well connected and constantly evolve: The Long Road of Research Integrity.

Through feedback, reviewers support the authors to create a better version of their article while also ensuring the accuracy of the published scientific findings.

Karger distinguishes quality work from the rest by recognizing:

  • Reviewer Certificates
  • Automatic Update “Peer Review Section” in ORCiD Profile
  • Annual Acknowledgement in the Journals
  • Best Reviewers Award in Selected Journals

Why is being peer-reviewed so important? Get more information in this webinar recording: Research Integrity Promoting Reproducibility Through Peer Review


Your Resources


What is Peer Review?

The process confirms the validity and ensures the scientific accuracy of published articles.

Guidelines for Reviewers

To support the work of our reviewers, we provide resources to assist them in preparing their review report.

Peer Review E-Learning Courses

This collection is composed of three courses and provides a practical toolbox on how to peer review different types of scientific manuscripts.

Reviewer Self Nomination

We have got you interested to become a part of the important peer review process? Then you are welcome to apply.

Publication Ethics

These principles help to ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of an article.

Engage with Us and Get Recognized

Initiatives to recognize and reward researchers and their contributions.


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